After the Fear

At the beginning of December, I was definitely stressed. Everyone kept asking me the same question: what are you doing after you graduate? I’d usually try to answer with something funny like, “Put my husband through school.” If I wasn’t feeling very funny, I’d just sigh and say, “I have no idea.” My plan was … More After the Fear

Beautiful Heartbreak

The past couple weeks have been rough. A few days ago, I was in a situation where everything was lined up perfectly. Then it all took a sudden turn. I found myself thinking that I was so ready for something to go right and asking why it couldn’t go how I wanted. I immediately knew … More Beautiful Heartbreak


At the beginning of the month, Cody and I went up to visit his parents in Juneau! It was AMAZING!! (Be warned: This is a long post! It really was an awesome vacation.) When I was little, I always thought that all of Alaska was frozen and cold all the time. I was WRONG! Southeast Alaska … More ALASKA