This is James Cody Brough. I love him more than words can describe. I never realized how bad I wanted to be a mom until he came into my life. He is a wonderful baby. I am a lucky woman! Now, allow me to brag about my baby! He’s slept through the night since he … More James

2015 (So Far…)

Well, talk about slacking off! The last few months have been crazy. So here’s a little update… In February we announced that we are expecting! Our due date is September 5, 2015. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was freaked out. I’m working full-time, our due date is the first week … More 2015 (So Far…)

Class of 2014

Well, this post is just a little delayed. In May, I walked in graduation! Leading up to graduation, I thought that it might be a boring, long day. But I’d worked pretty dang hard for three and a half years so I figured, why not? IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! Here’s why: 1. I didn’t … More Class of 2014

Hard Week

Sometimes you have really hard weeks where you feel like all you have done is mess up everything possible. You try to get over it. You listen to music. You rent a movie. You binge-watch America’s Next Top Model. You clean your house. And, still, you’ve got that nagging feeling that all you’ve done is … More Hard Week

After the Fear

At the beginning of December, I was definitely stressed. Everyone kept asking me the same question: what are you doing after you graduate? I’d usually try to answer with something funny like, “Put my husband through school.” If I wasn’t feeling very funny, I’d just sigh and say, “I have no idea.” My plan was … More After the Fear

Beautiful Heartbreak

The past couple weeks have been rough. A few days ago, I was in a situation where everything was lined up perfectly. Then it all took a sudden turn. I found myself thinking that I was so ready for something to go right and asking why it couldn’t go how I wanted. I immediately knew … More Beautiful Heartbreak