NLTDL: Running

In January, I decided it was time to start running again. During the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I was at the gym five times a week. I loved working out, especially running. But when I moved to Utah, I slowly stopped working out. And I missed it.

So I put on my NLTDL (Next-level To-do List…see previous blog post for an explanation) that I wanted to “start training.”

Cody has a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science, so I asked him to make a training schedule for me. I’ve been following it since the end of February (other than a week where I was sick…boo…) and I am so proud of myself for doing it. Usually, I’d get a week in and give up…just like every other time I’ve tried to start seriously exercising. But not this time.

The best part of this whole experience has been how I see myself. I am more confident about my body than I have ever been. (Yes, that includes my senior year of high school.) When I was pregnant, I had many people telling me to “say goodbye to my body.” Well… Guess. What. I love my post-baby, currently-working-out body more than my pre-baby body – stretch marks and all. 🙂

I have also realized that I am capable of way more than I ever could have realized. The day I ran four miles (without walking!), I couldn’t stop smiling. I am by no means a fast runner, but I’m going further faster and it feels amazing.

Quick List of Other Things I’ve Learned:

  • Moms everywhere: Invest in a jogging stroller. It’s my favorite thing. As soon as I get home from work, James and I go for a run. He always wants to be outside and I need to run, so it’s perfect. I have a Baby Trend Expedition and I LOVE it. Bonus: You feel 100x tougher when you push a stroller while running.
  • There is no shame in drinking from your toddler’s sippy a few miles into your run. I know from personal experience.
  • The rain and snow are your enemies. I’ve come home a few times during poor weather and realized I couldn’t go running. (I have to take James with me. And a toddler + rain/snow = a sick toddler, which is bad.) I may or may not have pouted around the apartment for a half hour.
  • Kickboxing is the bomb. On days where I cross-train, I usually do kickboxing. As far as stress relief goes, I’d say punching and kicking the air is a pretty good way to do it.
  • Just do something. On days where you don’t feel like working out or if you feel like you can’t do it, just do something. Do some sit-ups or crunches during the commercial breaks of your TV show. One time, I was watching a baseball game (the final game of the World Classic where the USA won…yay!) while I was on the treadmill and decided I was going to run at a certain pace until the end of the inning. With two outs left, the USA started to rally and then the Dominican Republic had to make a pitching change, so I had to keep running. Well played, USA. Well played.
  • Altra running shoes are the best. I’ve always had issues with my knees, but I haven’t had any issues when training with my pair of One 2.5’s. They’re seriously amazing. They’re so light and there’s plenty of room for my toes. Go check them out. (Side note: Apparently I’m legally obligated to inform you that I work for the company that makes Altra shoes. So there you go.)

Anyway, there’s my NTLDL rambling on running for you. Now, time for a couple pictures!

I have the cutest running buddy in the world. Hands down.


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