This is James Cody Brough. I love him more than words can describe. I never realized how bad I wanted to be a mom until he came into my life. He is a wonderful baby. I am a lucky woman!


Now, allow me to brag about my baby!

He’s slept through the night since he was five weeks old. People kept warning me that I’d never sleep again, but James sleeps longer than I do!

He loves to smile and laugh. In this past week, I discovered that he is ticklish. It’s so fun to listen to his laugh. It’s my favorite sound.

He enjoys being held and cuddling. It’s so fun to just sit and hold him. He does need his alone time occasionally. He definitely gets that from his mom. 🙂

Bath time is one of his favorite things. It used to be a traumatic experience. Same with getting his diaper changed. He gets so excited when we start to change his diaper. He makes me laugh.

The only thing he hates is his car seat. He screams when we put him in it.


I can’t wait to see what his life holds. I am so happy I get the chance to be his mom!



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