Class of 2014

Well, this post is just a little delayed. In May, I walked in graduation! Leading up to graduation, I thought that it might be a boring, long day. But I’d worked pretty dang hard for three and a half years so I figured, why not?


Here’s why:

1. I didn’t think it was a big deal that I had graduated from college. It was something I had always planned on and just did it. All the graduates gathered on the Quad and started walking toward the Spectrum. As I walked past all the building I’d had classes in, the bagpipes started playing over the load speakers. And it hit me: it is a big deal to graduate from college. And yes, I almost cried.

2. My mom walked with me. She graduated in May and was in the same college as me, so we really did spend the whole day together. It was so much fun to walk with one of my best friends.

Mom and Me

3. The commencement speaker was the bomb. His name was Hugh Evans. He is from Australia and started an organization that is trying to end world hunger. One of my quotes from his speech was, “Nothing great comes without perseverance.”

4. I wore Converse. All the girls around me kept saying, “Oh, my feet hurt like crazy!” Girls kept pointing at my feet and telling me that I was a genius.

Graduation Shoes

5. Free Aggie Ice Cream at the end! Need I say more?

6. The professors lined the tunnel we walked through to go into the Spectrum and applauded for us. A lot of them were professors I had and it was so cool to see them cheering me on.

7. As we walked to the Spectrum, we saw my grandparents and jumped out of line to give them a hug. I made me even more teary-eyed.

8. Just having fun. The day was so happy! I’m glad we took as many pictures as we did.

ME-1 Our Relationship With Cody

Graduation was so amazing. And it was not boring at all! I feel like the people who don’t walk end up regretting it. So everyone…walk in your graduation! The university is hosting a party just for you.

A Statue

Here is the link to a video of the undergraduate commencement ceremony. (Fast forward to sixteen minutes for the speech by Hugh Evans.) Seriously though, it’s amazing.


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