After the Fear

At the beginning of December, I was definitely stressed. Everyone kept asking me the same question: what are you doing after you graduate? I’d usually try to answer with something funny like, “Put my husband through school.” If I wasn’t feeling very funny, I’d just sigh and say, “I have no idea.” My plan was to just keep working my three part-time jobs. Even when people asked me what I wanted to do, I still said I wasn’t sure. There I was, in the middle of my last papers and preparing for my last finals, and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Then came What Not to Wear. I started watching the last season on Netflix to relax and escape the stress. There was an episode with a woman named Kathy. Kathy was a cancer survivor whose husband had passed away a year before. She was working full-time and raising her kids. She was putting everyone and everything before herself. Throughout the beginning of the episode, she kept saying that she was afraid of the change. Eventually, Clinton looked at Kathy and said, “Good things happen after the fear.” I immediately scrambled for a sticky note and scribbled Clinton’s quote down. I took the sticky and put in on my laptop, just below the keyboard.

Every time I was scared about a paper, I would look down and remember that I needed to stop being afraid and start trusting.

This scripture has helped me through A LOT.
This scripture has helped me through A LOT.

On December 3rd, I got an email from ICON asking if I could come and interview for a job the next day. I was shocked. I had applied for a job with them a month before and figured it was a long shot. It’s really hard to get a full-time job in Cache Valley. I was scared, but remembered that good things happen after the fear and I didn’t need to be afraid. I found out in the first interview that the interview was for a different position. Long story, short: within four days I was hired for a full-time job I technically didn’t even apply for. CRAZY. (Talk about good timing!)

The next week, Cody and I looked at starting to rent a bigger place instead of our teeny tiny one bedroom apartment. We moved on a two-bedroom house. We filled out an application and the landlords told us we were their first choice. Later that week, we toured the house and one of the landlords said to let them know what our decision was within the hour. I was scared again, but remembered that I just needed to trust. We decided to go for it. We move next Saturday!

The house!
The house!

December has clearly been a busy month. I graduated from college, started a full-time job, signed a lease on a house, had my birthday, went to Star Valley for Christmas, and Cody and I celebrated our first anniversary. Whew!

Good things happen after the fear. Just trust and have faith that it will all work out. And here’s the best part: it will!


One thought on “After the Fear

  1. Isn’t it odd how the best advice can come from completely strange sources? I got some of my best advice on dealing with crisis situations from watching the movie Castaway. Just keep breathing.

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