The Best Kind of Lonely

I have discovered the best kind of lonely. Bear with me.

On Wednesday, Cody took off for a hunting trip. I didn’t have work that day and Cody had school all day so we saw each other for about a half hour while Cody was finishing his packing. And then he was off!

This was the first time we’d spent the night apart since we got married. Talk about weird!!

It’s been three days and I’ve had hardly any human contact other than my three classes on Thursday. I was kind of nuts at work earlier today. There were people there! I talked to someone other than myself! (Yes, I talk to myself. I prefer the term “thinking out loud.” Only the coolest people do it.)

Humans? People? Where?!
Humans? People? Where?!

I now understand why the people who get stranded on islands in movies act the way they do.

Anyway, it’s been rough. REALLY rough. I piled pillows on Cody’s side of the bed so there would be at least something there. I kept calling my mom because I needed to just talk and actually have a response. I’ve known this whole time that he’s not coming back until late Saturday or early Sunday. But, for some reason, I keep expecting him to walk through the door at any moment.

Then, when I went crazy cleaning the apartment, I realized something: this is the best kind of lonely. I should be grateful that I have such an amazing person to miss. I have so many adventures from these past few days to tell him about (from dressing a co-worker in a toga to blowing away my professor) and I can’t wait to hear his stories. He’s going to be coming back to me and that’s pretty great. 


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