Ice Cream Adventures

Back in April, I got another job (bringing the total to three jobs). I am an ice cream scooper for Aggie Ice Cream, which has been quite the experience. I’ve learned a few fun facts about the ice cream scooping world. For example, sugar cones are by far the wimpiest cones ever. I can’t tell you the number of people who come in and have their kids get sugar cones because they are “sturdy.” I really want to look at them and say, “False. Sugar cones are wimpy, like wimpier than Bella Swan.” Oh, another thing, putting a double scoop on a cone? Not as hard as it looks!!

Anyway, I LOVE my job. I know that working in an ice cream shop during summer probably doesn’t sound like the most fun activity, but hear me out. There are quite a few things that make the really tough days worth it (like on days where there is a really long line of football players that keep ordering large shakes, especially when there are only two shake machines…ugh).

1. The kids who press their faces against the glass in awe as I scoop their ice cream. There’s just something about the excitement in their eyes as they watch you scoop their flavor. Then you hold it over the counter and they look up and their eyes get bigger as the cone is placed in their hand. I love it!

2. The people I meet from all walks of life. The other day, there were people who came in who had just participated in Bike MS. My dad has MS and I had the chance to chat with people about it. I almost cried a couple of times! 

3. When I see friends or family. It’s great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. I also get to show them my mad ice cream scooping skills.

4. Meeting fellow baseball fans. Whenever someone comes in wearing legit baseball fan gear, I have to ask them about it. Then when I tell them I am a fan of the Giants, they get all excited and I get all excited and we discuss baseball and how our teams are doing. It’s awesome!

5. People who ask where the tip jar is. Especially after a long, hard shift, it feels so good to feel like you’re actually doing a good job.

6. The cute old men who come in. I know it sounds weird, but it’s really fun when they come in and tell you that Aggie Ice Cream is lucky to be able to hire such pretty women.

7. Meeting people who know where Morgan Hill is. Morgan Hill is the town I grew up in. Pretty much no one knows where it is in California. So when I meet someone from California and they know where it is, I suddenly become overly happy and energetic.

8. My co-workers. They‘re all college-age and down-to-earth. Everyone is so helpful if you have a question. They are all so funny. And it’s really nice to be able to have people to commiserate with when there’s a really long line and people keep asking for the hardest flavors on sugar cones. They’re awesome.

9. When people come up to order and say, “Surprise me.” It’s a fun break to just do whatever you want and surprise someone! I don’t know if people like what I give them (usually Chocolate English Toffee or Praline Pecan, depending on whether they want chocolate base or vanilla base), but, hey, they asked me to surprise them!

10. The giant muscular arm I’ll have at the end of summer. I’m totally going to challenge Cody to an arm wrestling match. He’ll probably win, but at least I’ll have a better chance!

So, yes, it’s minimum wage. Yes, I’ve had a couple customers get mad at me. Yes, sometimes I can’t feel my arm after a few hours of a line going out the door. Yes, I want to strangle football players when they won’t stop ordering shakes. And YES, I love my job!

This is Aggie Blue Mint. It's mint ice cream with Oreos and white chocolate. It's our most popular and one of the hardest to scoop haha
This is Aggie Blue Mint. It’s mint ice cream with Oreos and white chocolate. It’s our most popular and one of the hardest to scoop haha
The sign outside...we're FAMOUS!!
The sign outside…we’re FAMOUS!!
This place is called deep freeze. It's -20 degrees in there. After spending about 15-20 minutes in their collecting stuff to stock up front, you never want to be cold again!
This place is called deep freeze. It’s -20 degrees in there. After spending about 15-20 minutes in there collecting stuff to stock up front, you never want to be cold again!

Now, time for an AWESOME song that I found this week about hope and knowing through the hard times that things will get better. (It doesn’t really have anything to do with this post. It’s just a great song!)


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