Because You’re My Friend

Cody and I were recently called to be primary teachers in our ward. We are teaching four and five year olds and they are so fun! They make me laugh and they have already taught me so many things.

Today, we were sitting in singing time (where all of the kids 3-12 meet). For one of the activities, the chorister would pull names out of a jar and then the kid would go pull a colorful shape made out of paper off the walls. The papers had the name of a song on the back that the kids would then sing.

It was getting near the end of this activity and two of the girls in our class were eyeing a pink circle on the wall closest to us. One of the girls (let’s go with just the first letters of their names), Z, was talking about how bad she wanted the pink circle and M was agreeing. Then M’s name was called.

I started to get worried because Z has a tendency to get upset and cry when she doesn’t get her way. So as M headed up to the front, I held my breath. Then she surprised me. She grabbed a blue rectangle off the podium, handed it to the chorister, and hurried back to her seat.

Z was also surprised. She looked at M and said, “Why didn’t you pick the pink one?”

M looked at her and simply said, “Because you’re my friend! You want the pink one, so I picked a different one!”

I think Z was blown away. I know I was! This girl, who is only four years old, should receive some sort of true friendship award. It was an amazing moment.

Sometimes little kids really show us what’s truly important in life. We all should hang out with them and listen to them more often!

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” -Thomas Aquinas

One thought on “Because You’re My Friend

  1. How sweet is that! You guys will be fun teachers! Now Cody better be singing to set a good example for the kids. 😉

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