Brian’s Mission Call

About a week and a half ago, my brother opened his mission call for the LDS church. It was so exciting!

After class, Cody and I hurried out to my parents’ house because we knew the mission call was waiting in the mailbox. Brian wasn’t out of school yet, so he was about a half hour behind us.

We stood in my family’s kitchen, ready for the sound of the garage door opening. I had my camera in hand so that I could film him running to the mailbox. Cody and I chatted with my parents. We were, of course, on edge the whole time.

Then we heard the garage door opening and I took off for the door into the garage. Everyone else freaked out and told me to go through the front door. I spun around and took off through the front door. I got outside and started filming Brian. He took off for the mailbox. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run that fast. He pulled the envelope out and screamed and ran back to the car. He came inside and got ready to open it. My mom was scared he was going to destroy the thing. (He’s not skilled at opening envelopes neatly haha.)

He started to read the paper. Then he read it and got to where he would be going on his mission. “Argentina Buenos Aires South!”

I didn’t say anything. I knew that if I did, I would start crying and freaking out.

I am so excited for Brian. He loves speaking Spanish, so I am glad he gets to learn even more! My parents and I also speak Spanish, so it will be fun to chat when he gets back. 🙂 (And Cody can sit and talk to himself in Tagalog haha.)

Here is the video of him opening his call…

So proud 🙂 ¡Buena suerte Brian!


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