Favorite Things

And to end the day on a sentimental note, I present yet another list. (I guess I have an obsession for making lists or something.)

My Favorite Things In My Relationship

We love each other.

It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are together.

We are still learning new things about each other.

We can talk for hours on end.

We can compromise. (He’s learning to become a Giants fan. I’m slowly converting from being a Lakers fan to a Jazz fan.)

We do fist bumps all the time.


One of our favorite things to do is curl up next to each other and watch Psych and eat chocolate
chip cookies.

We love to hold hands.

We can both be dorks and laugh together instead of feeling embarrassed.

I can’t help but smile when I’m around him.

On Sunday, one of our friends came up to us and said, “I love seeing you guys. The two of you just make me smile every time I see you. It’s contagious.”


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