Joining the Family

This post is a couple of weeks overdue, but it’s better late than never!

For Thanksgiving, I went with Cody to Star Valley. However, this Thanksgiving was a little different than expected. Cody’s family dubbed it the “orphan Thanksgiving.” (Cody’s dad is working in Alaska and Cody’s mom had a family emergency.)

Cody and I arrived while his sisters were in the middle of preparing the meal. I felt bad because I couldn’t really help out. The kitchen was already pretty crowded and I felt like I would be in the way, especially because I didn’t know where any cooking stuff was kept. I would have just been wandering around asking where everything was. But it was a neat moment to step back and watch them all working together. The meal had to be planned the day before and everyone had taken on different jobs. It was amazing. The family had all come together to make this day happen. The family was there and working together and that was the most important thing on that day.

Right before the meal, we pulled up Skype and brought up their mom on one laptop and his dad on another. As we exchanged some gifts (the family isn’t doing a big gathering on Christmas. They switch off holidays each year. Gather on Christmas one year, Thanksgiving the next, then Christmas…you get the idea), the laptops were passed around the room so that their mom and dad could still chat and talk to everyone.

Cody and I spent a good portion of our time playing with Cody’s nieces and nephews. One of his nephews, Luke, was running around and pretending to sneeze repeatedly. Then Cody would do it and Luke thought it was the most hilarious thing. (I can’t wait to be their aunt!)

The Thanksgiving meal was delicious. I couldn’t stop eating the yams! They had coconut and pecans in them…so. dang. good. I went back for seconds and then I ate the leftovers the next day…twice.

I am so excited to become a part of Cody’s family. I am going to have six sisters and I will be an aunt! They are such a great family and I am lucky to be joining them!

Cody and his family when he got back from the Philippines. They're an awesome family!
Cody and his family when he got back from the Philippines. They’re an awesome family!

One thought on “Joining the Family

  1. Oh your too sweet. You really can be honest and tell everyone what a chaotic zoo it was and is all the time!!! 🙂 But we are excited to have our new sister too!!

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