Engagements – Round Four

For the last place, we went to an area downtown that was actually right by the place where we bought our rings. We wore our formal outfits for these. Putting together these outfits was quite the feat. We couldn’t find anything that worked together. No matter what we tried out, we looked like a holiday (usually the Fourth of July). But then we found Cody’s shirt (see below) and it all worked out from there! I am wearing my favorite dress ever that I got at Anthropologie last summer. It is the only thing I own from Anthropologie and probably won’t buy something from there again any time soon. One day, I hope to shop there and buy more than one thing.

DSC_3752We found this on the wall when we got there. It says, “I get to marry her!”

DSC_3761Look at those outfits! We got skills 😉

DSC_3785I LOVE this picture in black and white!

DSC_3780I love how this light post was in the middle of the alley. It looked like it was built there for the sake of photography. Looks like it’s working!

DSC_3772This is another one of those pictures where I’m not sure why it’s one of my favorites, but it is. Someone pointed out to me that it’s got some great lines in it. Maybe that’s why…

DSC_3769The happy couple 😀

DSC_3803Right after we got the CD of pictures, I made this my profile picture. Talk about romantic!

DSC_3792Cody + Julie = LOVE


This is another one of those “little moments” pictures. This was when I said something goofy (I can’t remember what) and Cody started to laugh a lot.

Speaking of laughing, Cody and I are going to Brian Regan tonight! We have seats in the third row and I am so excited!!!!


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