Engagements – Round Two

Okay, I was so giggly when I saw these pictures. I kept flipping through them, asking Cody if he loved them too. I’m a bigger Giants fan, so I think I was a little more excited than him. Usually you would think it would be the opposite. Instead, I’m obsessed with baseball and he’s looking at me like I’m weird. Luckily, he’s a good sport (pun intended) and he’s patient beyond belief.

Here they are!

I just love our smiles in this one.

Yeah, our photographer is pretty amazing. This shot is so cool!

My shirt says, “Chicks dig diamonds.” And I mean both kinds!

I think this is the only time Cody has ever given me a piggy back ride…

I found my home! (Ready? 1, 2, 3…awwwwww)

Yeah, I love him a lot 🙂

My ring!

And the big kiss!

This site was so much fun! The pictures turned out really cute and they’re different from the typical engagement pictures. I can’t stop flipping through them!


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