Engagements – Part One

Cody and I have our engagements! They are so great and I can’t wait to get our invitations in the next couple of days. Just to build up the excitement, I want to show these a little bit at a time. There were four locations we took pictures, which means there will be four posts! That worked out well, huh? 😉

Our first place was just off the road, in front of a house that was hidden by some little trees and a small wooden fence.


I love this picture so much. (Well, I love all of them…) When we were in this location, the photographer looked at Cody and said, “You are so great! Most guys refuse to smile or do the different poses.” Yep, Cody is pretty great!

I love the ones where we are looking at each other. I get to see how he looks at me and then the girly voice in my head goes, “Eeeee! He loves me!”

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the session. It just fits us so well. Two kids in love, goofing off. But then my favorite part came.

He threw a bunch of leaves at me in a sneak attack…

And then I got him back! Boo yeah!

Oh, and the kissing. I liked that part too. 🙂

This one is Cody’s favorite out of all of them.

Hooray! We’re getting married! Oh, and we have skills. Look at those perfectly timed jumps and the model-like hair that isn’t flying around. On second thought, maybe the photographer has the skills and a really good camera.

Next stop…the local ballpark for my baseball pictures that I am completely in love with!


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