We Found Them!

This is a big moment. We found the tablecloths for our reception. FINALLY!

For the past few weeks, we have talked to a bunch of linens people. Our colors are kind of weird. They’re nature greens (no lime or Christmas green), silver, white, and some black. All of the linens places only had lime green, Christmas green, or that disgusting yellow-y green. This left me so confused about how to decorate my reception. I took Advil before every linens appointment because I knew it was going to give me a headache.

Then we stumbled upon THE tablecloths! Hallelujah!

We walked into the little showroom and saw the green samples for tablecloths and I suddenly saw it all. I could picture perfectly how I want my reception to look. It kind of blew my mind. There were also a bunch of decorations in the showroom that were perfect for my vision. They inspired me!

I was beyond excited, so I went on Microsoft Paint the next day and drew an overview of how I want to set up the reception. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a relief this is.

It is going to be so cute!

Pretty much.

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