The Adventures of Registering

On Saturday, Cody and I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond.

It took three hours!

When we got there, the consultant talked to us for a minute and we filled out some paperwork. Then she held up the registering gun and said, “Who wants to take care of this?” I looked at Cody with a grin and said, “I’ll do it!” Then I whispered to Cody, “This is my version of hunting.”

This gun is Julie approved

The consultant handed us a checklist of things to register for and led us to the pans first. I explained to her that my mom had already purchased us a set, but she still tried to convince me that I needed to register for another one. She did this with a few different things where we don’t need it or have room for it and still wanted us to register for it. So frustrating.

I have a hard time being myself in front of complete strangers like that. So, when the consultant got called off to help another couple, the real Julie came out! I started skipping through the bakeware, registering for all the different sizes of pans and other cookware. So. Much. Fun.

I turned one corner and saw the glorious item I have put on all my registries: a red KitchenAid mixer. (insert heavenly sound here). I love KitchenAid mixers! And I want one! (NOT a hand mixer though, those things are crap. Trust me on this one.) Imagine the possibilities once I have one! Eeee!

Oh, the glorious red KitchenAid!

Then we went to the bedding section. Man, was that complicated! The duvet covers were in one area, the sheets in another, and the pillows in another. Whew! We had to carry the sheets around, trying to match them. But we found a really cute set! Hooray!

By the time we got to the bathroom stuff, we were over it. All I remember is that our rugs and towels are blue. They definitely aren’t the same shade, but I didn’t care. We did, however, register for a $50 curtain. Well, it must be a nice curtain!

Before we left, we checked our list one more time and went and took care of a couple more things. Then we were outta there! Three hours of registering is exhausting! Whew!


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