Say Hello to My Pearly Whites!

A couple of years ago, I learned that I had lockjaw and arthritis in the left side of my jaw. (I know…weird…) At the time, I could only open my mouth 50% of the way. It was pretty lame.

Once we got my jaw all fixed, I found out that I needed to get braces. Talk about a breakdown! I was 19 and in no way did I want braces. Despite my many tears, on August 19, 2011, I got braces. Oh, man…I was so insecure about it. I sat and wondered how on earth any guy would want to ask me out. I looked like I was sixteen! And I did not feel pretty. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that I just wouldn’t date or anything for the next 22 months.

Then Cody and I started dating in March. I was stunned he asked me out because I’m a terrible flirt and I’d never really talked to him. I was also shocked because I didn’t look pretty like the other girls. I had that stupid metal in my mouth. (Come to find out later that he hardly remembered what I looked like haha)

In July, Cody and I started talking about when we should get married. He suggested October. I suggested June. I told him there was no way I was getting married with my braces on. (Yeah, sounds really vain…I know…) So I decided to talk to my orthodontist about it.

The orthodontist said they could be off by December, which was some of the best news I have ever heard. I started doing exactly what the orthodontist told me to do. I was getting these braces off by December, whether or not I had to ply them off myself!

It’s been 14 months since I got my braces and I am happy to say…THE BRACES ARE OFF!!!!! Hooray!

A note to kids with braces: Don’t break brackets. Wear your rubber bands. Do what your mom and orthodontist tell you to do. It could potentially shave a third off your braces time!

This picture was taken at 8:00 this morning
This picture was taken at 9:15 this morning…they’re gone!

5 thoughts on “Say Hello to My Pearly Whites!

  1. Congratulations, they look great! I went straight to the store and got popcorn and sugar free gum after I got mine off 🙂

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