Creating Invitations Like a Boss

Okay, people. I feel like a freaking genius right now.

Over a month ago, my mom and I went to the bridal faire here in Logan. We got to one of the invitation vendors and decided to go ahead and book an appointment with them. I didn’t have my engagements yet and I wouldn’t have them until November, but we decided we might as well get started on the invitations.

We met with the invitation designer the following week. We looked at all of the design aspects and gave her the basic idea of what we wanted. She said she would go ahead and send us a proof that we could work with and tweak as needed. Then when we have our engagements done, we’ll just drop those in and have them printed!

And I am happy to announce that we finalized the design a few days ago! Whoo!

We can also show the design to our photographer, so that she can help us take pictures that will look good in the invitation. (That’s one of the problems the invitation designer had with a previous client…none of the pictures were close-ups, so they didn’t really look good in the invitation.)

I’m feeling like a pro.

This accurately describes how I feel right now.

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