Happy 25th Mom and Dad!

Today, my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary. I feel so lucky to have been raised by them. They have taught me what it is like to truly love someone unconditionally. I have had the good fortune to experience this unconditional love. They have been by each others’ side through thick and thin.

Every year, for their anniversary, my dad buys a bouquet of roses for my mom. He buys her a rose for every year that they have been married. So today, my mom received a HUGE bouquet of twenty-five red roses at work. I was sitting in her office when they arrived. A huge smile spread across her face as the delivery guy carried them in. Her girly giggle started and kept going for about five minutes. She also teared up while she was giggling, which made me tear up to see her so overjoyed.

At dinner, my dad got to have a free dessert because of the meal he ordered. You know what he did? He gave it to my mom.

So, here’s to the next 25 years and the rest of eternity! They are an amazing couple and I am glad I could be a part of their lives for the last 20 years!

October 23, 1987
This is my favorite out of all their wedding pictures
Love these two!

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