Little Moments

When I heard of married couples going on dates, I thought it was really weird. I would think, “They spend all their time together. Why in the world would they need a date night?”

Bahama Mama Tortilla Soup at Rumbi…so good!

Then Cody and I went on a date on Friday. We’re engaged and we spend almost all our time together. It was a genius idea. We went to dinner at Rumbi Hawaiian Grill….yummmm. For dessert, we went to Twizlberry Frozen Yogurt – also delicious. Then we went to the movie theater to see Taken 2. There was an older couple behind us in line. The man turned to his wife and asked her what they were seeing. The wife informed him that they were there for Taken 2. The man chuckled to himself and went, “Hehe. We need two to Taken 2.” He thought it was the most hilarious thing. His wife said, “Yeah, yeah,” and nudged him toward the ticket booth. When I saw this moment, I thought, “Oh my goodness. I just saw my future.”

On our way home, I found myself very amused by a spotlight circling the sky, summoning people to a Sporting Goods store. I kept following it with my eyes as I leaned forward in the seat. Cody looked at me and said, “Wow. You’re really amused by that, aren’t you?”

I giggled and said, “Yeah…”

Cody thought my laugh sounded hilarious, so he started to laugh loudly. I thought his laugh was hilarious, so I started to laugh even more, which created what seemed like an endless cycle. I was reminded once again that I definitely found the perfect guy for me. 🙂 (Oh, and we did eventually calm down after a few minutes, but man, was that a workout!)

Spotlights: Oh so very amusing…

When we got back, we ended the evening by watching A Walk to Remember while Cody made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies kinda failed though. They turned out flat. Not just a little flatter than normal. We’re talking paper-thin. It was weird. I made Cody eat all of them. I just kept eating the cookie dough. I’m pretty sure I was sick by the end of the movie…but it was totally worth it!

I think this picture speaks for itself

One thought on “Little Moments

  1. I’ve found that margarine instead of butter does that to cookies. Good luck next time! Keep dating, that’s half the fun. 😀

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