Our Song

When Cody and I were about to get engaged, I started to search for the perfect song that we can dance to at our reception. I bounced from song to song, but nothing quite fit. All of the songs told a story in them, but they weren’t our story.

Then, one day, I heard it. I was in the car and heard it on the radio. Cody was in Alaska with no cell service (It was a long ten days…) and I couldn’t wait to show it to him. It fit so perfectly.

He got back and I played it for him. He agreed. It was definitely our song.

Then, when we were on our scavenger hunt that ended with him proposing to me, it came on the radio, while we were driving to the final clue. (I didn’t know he’d be proposing at the time though haha.)

To this day, I still think he called into the radio station and planned that one. It was just too perfect!

And now, I present to you our song…

My two favorite lines are, “Everything that don’t make sense about me, makes sense when I’m with you,” and, “You’re more than everything I need, you’re all I ever wanted.”


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