I Liked It, So I Put a Ring On It

On Monday, Cody and I went ring shopping…for him! I wasn’t sure how it would go because every time I asked him what he liked, he responded with, “I don’t know. I’m just a simple guy.” We walked into SE Needham Jewelers and one of the salesmen took us over to their two cases of men’s wedding bands.

It was funny because when we went for mine there were several cases of engagement rings and there were cushy chairs that you sat at while you looked at rings. Then they had a nice ring holder thing that you could put your favorites in and then narrow it down from there. For the men’s bands, there were no fancy chairs, the display cases were near the back, and there was nothing to put the rings in. Cody stood there and juggled about four different rings at a time. It was pretty funny.

I guess they only wanted to pamper the girls. But when it came to guys…meh, stick ’em in the back.

One thing that I found interesting was the different types of men’s bands. So many metals to choose from!

White/yellow gold – the most popular type of metal for men’s wedding bands. It is not scratch-resistant, but it can be smoothed out.

Titanium – a natural element which has a silver-greyish-white color. It is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is also very lightweight.

Platinum – a white metal that is is extremely long wearing. It is a very dense, heavy metal, so a platinum ring will feel heavier than a gold ring.

Tungsten – a new technology metal that is becoming increasingly popular in men’s wedding rings. Tungsten is a very hard, strong and durable metal which is highly scratch resistant.

The only style of ring that I have found I don’t like is the black ones. When Cody was looking at them, he looked at me while wearing a black tungsten ring and said, “I like this one. What do you think?” All I could think was, “Crap. Crap. Crap!” Luckily, I had the guts to tell him what I thought of it.

Ultimately, he chose a really great ring. It is a two-tone darker grey tungsten ring. (Wow. That was a mouthful.)

The coolest part was watching him try on and shop for his wedding band. It made my already-over-the-top excitement grow even more. (Yes, that’s possible.)

Yeah, kinda like this one 🙂

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