Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Want to Do a Garter Toss

I have never wanted to do a garter toss. Bouquet toss? Yes. Cutting the cake? Yes. Every other tradition? Sure! Garter toss? Not over my dead body.

5. I’m not sure how I feel about my future husband reaching up my dress in front of my family and friends. I can just see it now. As he reaches up, I look up and see the horrified expressions of my grandparents and older relatives. My friends are not censoring what they say, which adds to the embarrassment. And, if he sticks his head up the dress, it’s a knee to the face for him! I’ve heard the horror stories of the groom grabbing the garter with his teeth and other inappropriate things. There will be children at this wedding. Keep it PG, buddy.

4. Uh, do you know where the tradition started? Back in olden days, it was symbolic of the bride relinquishing her virginal status. In medieval times, it was also traditional for wedding guests to accompany the newlywed couple to their bed chamber after the ceremony. Sources say that guests became more and more rowdy, to the extent that some even attempted to disrobe the new bride. In order to keep the other men at bay, the groom would toss the bride’s garter as a means of distraction. (We’re already tossing the bouquet as a means of distractions – see Bouquet Toss post – isn’t that good enough?)

3. Not sure how I feel about a bunch of men fighting each other for something that was just around my leg. I will be married, after all. Maybe we shouldn’t just to emphasize that point.

2. What if they don’t fight over it? Should I be offended? Is it a good thing? It’s just too complicated.

1. Do they even come in my size? My leg is a twig. And, I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve been losing weight recently without meaning to. All of my jeans are SUPER baggy. So, why bother trying to find one when it will probably just fall off during the reception anyway?

After much debate with Cody, guess who is doing the garter toss. Yep, me. Oh, the things I will do for love.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Want to Do a Garter Toss

  1. Tell him he can toss it but you’re not wearing it higher then your ankle! No offense Cody but it is really creepy to watch. By the time your line ends and you get around to the 1st dance, daddy daughter dance and throwing the bouquet and cutting the cake you are not going to want to do one more thing! You are going to want to get the heck out of town and not see anyone you know for weeks!!!! Plus, embarrassing the heck out of your new bride and possibly offending new family members isn’t the best way to start your marriage. 😉

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