The Best Worst Date I’ve Ever Been On

To round out the two last posts, I present to you…The Best Worst Date.

It was a double date. Cody planned it with his roommate, Phil. After picking up Phil’s date, we went to the observatory on campus. We rode a giant freight elevator up to the roof of a research building. We walked up to the biggest telescope and a guide informed us that we could see Jupiter through it. I peered through, and sure enough, there it was, just above the horizon. We looked through the other telescopes lined up across the roof. We were able to view Venus, Mars, Saturn, and a few stars. (Saturn was my personal favorite.)

Then we hopped in the car and drove to the local grocery store to purchase basics for starting a fire. Cody and I went off and picked up the matches and bug spray. (Supposedly, you can start a fire that way.) Phil and his date picked up the ingredients for s’mores and some Starbursts.

We drove up Logan Canyon to Second Dam and went to go find kindling and firewood. All of the wood was moist and there wasn’t any kindling to be seen. We threw a few branches into the fire pit and Cody started spraying them with the bug spray. Then they lit the store receipts on fire and tried to start it that way. The wood wasn’t catching fire.

Kindling. You need it to start a fire.

We eventually gave up. I volunteered my apartment to roast the s’mores over the oven and we could watch a movie cause we had lots of seating. When we pulled up, it was completely dark inside. Then we walked in. My roommate was watching a movie with a few of her friends. Embarrassed, I hurried over to the DVDs and grabbed a few, so it looked like I actually needed something from the apartment. We walked over to the boys’ apartment and grabbed some forks. We turned on the oven and started roasting s’mores and Starbursts. (Roasted Starbursts are amazing.) Our forks kept heating up, so we would have to turn the oven off and wait for the forks to cool down and then re-heat it for more.

Roasted Starbursts. I would venture to say they are better than s’mores.

When we figured my roommate had left, we went over and started “The Man from Snowy River” in my apartment. We were all so exhausted and we all fell asleep. (Good thing I had already seen that movie several times as I grew up or else I would have been very confused.)

The Man from Snowy River. Quality stuff right there.

After the movie, Phil borrowed Cody’s car keys and dropped his date back off at her apartment. We figured Phil would bring the keys back to Cody and then Cody would go back to his apartment. We sat there, chatting and cuddling on the couch. We kept dozing off. Phil never came. At about three in the morning, we figured Phil had just gone back to his apartment and was planning on giving Cody the keys in the morning.

Yes, almost everything went wrong on this date. But it was one of the best dates Cody has ever taken me on. The quote is true…”Turns out, not where, but who you’re with that really matters.” I am hoping for many more “failed” dates in the future! 🙂


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