The Best First Date I Ever Went On

To balance out the post from yesterday, I figured I should write about my favorite first date. If you’ve read the “Our Story” page, most of this is going to be repetitive.

I was sitting in a theater, waiting for “Pirates of Penzance” to start. I was texting my roommate about boys and then I reached a decision. “I’m done with boys for a while” was what I sent back to her. Two minutes later, I answered a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was Cody, a guy I had met at a game night a couple months before and talked to maybe once after that. I didn’t even know his last name. (It’s okay. Further discussion has revealed that Cody hardly remembered who I was when he made the call. Way to be brave, dude!) He asked me out on a date for the next day.

He picked me up at 6:00 from my apartment. We walked over to his and ate dinner with the other two couples we were going on the date with. They had bought us pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s and lemonade. (Which is funny because that’s exactly what I ate for lunch a few hours before.) We chatted and started to get to know each other.

Then we took off for the Crystal Hot Springs. Cody drove and we sang along to Disney songs the whole way. I sat shotgun, but wasn’t really watching the road because it was dark out. All of the sudden, Cody slammed the brakes and I looked up. Deer were standing there in the road, right in front of us. I braced myself and yelled, “Holy deer!” (I don’t know if anyone else heard me. We were all expressing shock in our own unique ways.)

Once we got to the hot springs, we started playing your typical pool games. Someone suggested we play that chicken fight game. I hate that game with a burning passion. But I did it anyway so that I wouldn’t be a party-pooper.

We each rode down the giant water slide. Then people suggested we started riding down in pairs. In my mind, I went, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Ride down with a boy????????” As nervous as I was, I quite enjoyed it. And from there on out, we rode down the slide as a couple.

Then we tried to form trains of six people. Have you ever tried to form a train of six people? Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible. You get to about five, people can’t hold on any longer and then the last person tries to jump on to the end, unsuccessfully.

We spent the last little while jumping from pool to pool, goofing off, chatting, and dodging the crowds.

We arrived back at the apartment complex at about 10:00 and each guy walked the girl back to their apartment. I expected to say goodbye at the door, but we ended up standing just inside the door and started talking.

Then we sat down at the island in the kitchen and talked.

Then it was 2:30 in the morning.

I don’t remember what we talked about, but the entire date felt so natural and comfortable. It was, by far, the best date ever.


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