When Cody and I went ring shopping, the salesman looked at me and asked if I knew about the different cuts of diamonds. I had no idea what he was talking about. So, I present to you…Julie’s Guide to Diamonds,. (FYI: I’ll be pretty much learning along with you cause I still don’t know what it all means. I just know I like my ring!)

Round – the classic and most popular style. It reflects light brilliantly, which causes it to appear brighter than other cuts.

Princess – a square stone and the second most popular style. It is equally at home in traditional and contemporary engagement rings. There is an array of intricate facets that increase the diamond’s inherent sparkle. (This is the kind I have!)

Asscher – similar to the emerald cut. It has uniquely angled and cropped corners that sets it apart. It has a great deal of brilliance because of its facets. It is experiencing a growth in popularity.

Radiant – a blend of the traditional round cut and emerald cut. With an intricate 70-facet cut, radiant diamonds exude tremendous brilliance. It is relatively scarce and very unique.

Cushion – a square or rectangle cut with rounded corners and sides. It is considered to be a softer version of the emerald cut and is sought by many who are looking for an antique style. It is also known as the “pillow cut.”

Emerald – falls between a rectangle and square shape. Distinguished by beveled corners and step facets, it is more transparent than other shapes, resulting in the need for higher standards of clarity. It is known for being a timeless and elegant look.

Marquise – elongated stone with pointed ends. This cut’s effect creates the illusion of long, slender fingers. Also, it gives the appearance of a larger diamond than a round diamond of the same carat weight.

Oval – a longer version of the round cut. It has the same amount of facets as a round cut. The elongated shape adds an interesting twist to rings and is still a timeless and classic look.

Pear – resemble a drop of water with a single point and rounded end. They are noted for their slenderizing effect. An interesting choice for the multi-faceted personality. They are also referred to as a “drop cut” or “teardrop” diamonds.

Heart – sounds like it is. It’s a heart. While sometimes selected for engagement rings, it makes a beautiful choice for pendants in fancy colors such as yellow, pink or red.

So there you have it! Good luck choosing your favorite cause I love pretty much all of them!


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