Beware of Dead Animals

Cody loves hunting. I hate hunting. Cody has a bear rug he really wants to put in our future apartment. I really don’t think it will fit and it will definitely creep me out.

This is where we learned to compromise. An agreement about our future house was eventually reached. He will have a man cave where he can put all of his dead animal stuff and I will have a sports cave for my San Francisco Giants gear and a giant TV to watch the games on. However, we won’t have a house for a while, so we spent a while figuring out how to compromise on where it will go in our future one-bedroom apartment.

I spent a while contemplating this. My vote would be to tuck it away in a box until we have a place for a man cave. His vote would be to have it sitting front and center in the living room area. And that can’t happen.

So, I finally came up with a compromise in order to make any dead animal stuff in our apartment tolerable. I get to bedazzle and decorate any of the animals that he wants to put in the house.

I’ve totally got this compromise thing down. We’ll do just fine! 😉


Oh, and by the way…we are in the double digits people! 99 days till we are married!


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