Learning from my Parents

On October 23, my parents will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.

One of my favorite stories from their life together happened about a year or two after they were married. My mom was a leader over the 12-18 year old girls at church and was making a cross stitch for each of them. She needed some help getting them all done, so my dad stepped in. He sat there and learned how to cross stitch. I have tried cross stitching before and you can definitely get some good hand cramps. But they sat there, side by side, and got them all done.

When my dad told me the story for the first time, he said he helped because he loved my mom. He wanted to be able to show her that he was there for her no matter what and that he was ready to help with whatever she needed.

This is definitely my favorite story of my parents. It’s kind of funny to think of my dad cross stitching. When it was told to me, I think it was the first time I had heard my dad talk about how much he loves my mom. I always knew he loved her a lot and it was neat to hear a story that demonstrated how much he cares for her. I will always be grateful for the example these two have set for me. I love them so much and I couldn’t have asked for better parents!

Hmm…maybe I should ask Cody if he could help me cross stitch! 😉


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