Details, Details, Details

My name is Julie and I am a Say Yes to the Dress addict. I don’t just enjoy watching it. I cry when the bride finds the dress. I yell at the bossy aunt that won’t shut up. I praise the bride who doesn’t bring more than four people to help in her quest for the dress. Let’s just say it’s very difficult to tell the difference between me watching San Francisco Giants baseball and Say Yes to the Dress.

The show that comes on right after Say Yes to the Dress is called Four Weddings. The idea is simple: four brides attend each other’s weddings. They rate each wedding based on dress, venue, food, and overall experience. The bride with the highest score wins a free honeymoon. This show, too, grabs my attention because each group has very different opinions. Some weddings are extravagant, while others are DIY. As I watch, I try to predict who will win and I pick my personal favorite.

After watching all five seasons of Say Yes to the Dress, two seasons of Four Weddings, and most of the Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta episodes, I am happy to say I have discovered the secret to planning a happy wedding day.

The details don’t matter.

Wait, what?! Isn’t that what all these shows are about?! Yep. You’re right. These shows lead us to believe we need the best and the grandest to have a successful wedding that every guest will remember for the rest of their lives.

I watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress that followed the bride through the entire wedding process. It was an unlimited wedding budget funded by the bride’s mom. It was way over the top. They spent at least $200 on each set of earrings for the bridesmaids. They had a ceiling of flowers made with at least 100 orchids in it. Each one of them cost $25. And here’s the kicker, her silver Pnina Tornai dress cost a whopping $34,000. The mom was obsessed with making the day “perfect.” It was stunning. But then I realized, the mom was probably sitting there for the whole thing, examining every little detail. She didn’t enjoy the day and its meaning. However, the bride and groom could only talk about how happy they were to be married. They didn’t care if something was out of place. They knew what the significance of the day was.

The same thing happens on Four Weddings. Some of the girls get so obsessed with winning that they forget to enjoy themselves. (I’ve even watched a bride tell off her mom because the dinner was running a little behind.)

So maybe you’ll have to forego the perfect Mason jar centerpieces, the goofy photobooth, or a giant limousine. But that’s okay. What matters is that you marry your best friend and pay attention to the feelings you had during that day. As long as you and your fiancé are there for the wedding ceremony, the rest of the details don’t matter. It’s your wedding day, not everyone else’s. Enjoy it!!


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