Romance Radar

One thing I’ve noticed since we got engaged is that I developed what I call “Romance Radar.” I notice more and more the cute things that couples do for each other, rather than just rolling my eyes at their PDAs. (Okay, maybe I still roll my eyes a little bit…) But let me tell you, romance has a whole new meaning.

The other day, I was at my physical therapy appointment. While I was signing in, an older couple came up to the desk. The man was pushing his wife in her wheelchair. He stopped and complimented me on my Utah State University t-shirt. We joked about how USU is better than all the other Utah schools. He continued pushing her wheelchair and proceeded toward the door. They stopped in the area between the two sets of sliding doors. The man grabbed a small green Dixie cup off a wooden table and filled it with water from the dispenser. He gently held it up to his wife’s mouth and helped her take a drink of water. It was the most romantic thing I had ever seen. No, it wasn’t a bouquet of flowers or a lovey-dovey Facebook post. This gesture blew those out of the water. (No pun intended.) It showed true and selfless love. Helping someone with a drink of water probably isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but this man was so caring and willing to do it because of how much he loved her.

It’s the little things that are rarely seen that make the biggest difference.


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