Not Miss America

Before July 19th, I believed all engaged girls were the same. They were like the contestants on Miss America. Life was just wonderful and nothing was bad in their little world. (Okay, maybe world peace was lacking for them, but things were still pretty great.) It was every little girl’s dream. Once they were engaged, all problems would disappear. Gone would be the days of zits, bad hair, and broken nails. Hand them a bouquet of flowers and something sparkly and they’d be over the moon.

Then June rolled around and I was about to get engaged to Cody. Then I realized, “Oh no! I’m going to be one of them.”

Then I got engaged. And guess what? I stayed human. I was still me and some engaged girls were still like Miss America.

But some things in my life have changed. I can tolerate more the Miss America engaged girls that are off in some fantasy world I have yet to find. I find myself loving the idea of a night in, sitting on the couch talking and laughing with Cody. I visit Cody’s itty-bitty hometown in Wyoming and wonder how in the world a big city California girl like me is going to survive. And I feel love. I never thought I could love someone this much outside of my mom, dad, and younger brother. But I do. And it grows everyday. I don’t know how, but it does.

I am Julie Warnes. I am engaged and I am not Miss America.


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